Gold Confiscation History

Gold Confiscation History

This video compares old US Mint gold coin mintage numbers versus 1933 to 1939 melt data to surmise an estimate on how much physical gold was turned in and melted down from Executive Order 6102 in 1933. 

We think you will not only be surprised to learn the amount but also some of the very far-reaching effects this era of financial history still holds on our world today. (more…)

TREASON for Buying Gold?

TREASON for Buying Russian Gold?

Stop Russian GOLD Act of 2022
Stop Russian Government and Oligarchs from Limiting Democracy Act of 2022

There is a bill being proposed in congress that seeks to block the purchasing power of gold coming out of Russia. 

However, this bill has such a broad overreach that it could turn any ordinary US citizen into a fellow by doing business with any foreign entity who has touched gold from Russia. The powers and penalties granted if this bill passes are terrifying. (more…)