Crystalline Gold Nuggets

Crystalline gold is the rarest and most beautiful form of gold and California Crystalline gold is especially valued by collectors because of its bright color and unique shapes.

Crystalline gold

Crystalline gold

Millions of years ago, gold was pushed up through the earth’s crust but at this particular spot, there was thermo steam at over 4,000 degrees F. which also came up. This forced crystallized gold into the quartz rock. To a collector, crystallized gold is worth as many times the value of gold nuggets of the same weight!

True Crystalline gold values are not based on weight but rather the shape and configuration of the piece.

Crystalline gold is very hard to photograph because it is so bright and flashy, the pictures cannot begin to do the specimens true justice.

Crystalline gold is very delicate and hard to extract due to very costly mining expenses.

You probably know that Crystalline gold specimen nuggets like these one are basically classed as gemstones and such attract much higher values than the equivalent weight in bullion gold!

Large 23.8 gram Crystalline Gold nugget

Cost $4,050.00

Crystalline Gold in quartz host rock. 7.2 grams
Cost $604.00

Crystalline Gold nuggert

Crystalline Gold nuggert 0.5 gram
Cost $85.

Crystalline Gold nuggerts

Crystalline Gold nuggerts Total weight 1gram

Cost $170.00

Five Crystalline Gold nuggerts  Total weight 0.9 gram

Cost $153.00

Thick Crystalline Gold nuggert. Total weight 4.7 grams

Cost $795.00

Crystalline Gold nuggert Total weight 2.9 grams

Cost $493.00

Crystalline Gold nuggert Total weight 2.6 grams

Cost $219.00

Crystalline Gold Specimen - total weight 3 grams.  Cost $225.00

This is a real example of Mother Nature's jewelry, super bright gold embedded in its dark Matrix.

Crystalline Gold - total weight 6.52 grams.  Cost $1,100.00

Crystalline Gold - total weight 0.24 grams.  Cost $41.00

Crystalline Gold - total weight 0.24 grams.  Cost $43.00

Crystalline gold leaf from Eagles Nest Mine - Frenchmans Adit .17 gram  Cost $42

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