Australian Gold Nuggets

Australian Gold Nuggets – Gold Nugget Detecting

We found an area in the Pilbara that has never seen a metal detector before! We just arrived in a new spot and expected having to prospect for several days before getting to a good spot but we found it after only two kilometers of walking on the first day. Screaming targets in a remote gully revealed plenty of chunky gold nuggets (and also a few bullet casings). (more…)

Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

As I recall, Minelab’s Newest Gold Machine the GPZ 7000 came out in 2015 for about $10,000. Currently, this gold detector selling new for about $7,999.

This detector is the next flagship gold detector based on new ZVT technology that developed by Minelab that will dramatically improve detector performance beyond all other gold detectors. (more…)