Huge Gold Nugget

Huge Gold Nugget

Found a 3.9oz gold nugget  Gold Prospecting NZ


NZ gold prospectors have their best day ever!  They made a little mistake on the video in their excitement of weighing the nugget when we went from grams to oz and forgot to put it into troy oz , so the nugget was 3.98oz not 4 2oz. (more…)

Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Working in the Monsoon Summer season in a dry wash bottom. 

We are hand placering the wash using digging tools, rakes and metal detectors/pinpointers to recover the gold. Here in this video we recovered two massive gold nuggets, one was 2.2 ounces and the other was right at 1 ounce. (more…)

Gold Nugget Patch

Gold Nugget Patch Australia

Nugget patches like the one found in this video, are exciting to find: almost every target under her metal detector is gold.! There are even two nuggets in the same hole, twice!

For your average weekend prospector in the United State, when out gold metal detecting, finding even one nugget during the day is cause for celebration! But, on those very, very rare occasions, sometimes the gold prospector is extremely lucky and fines a number of nuggets in a relatively small area. This is called finding a patch! (more…)

Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets

As I recall, Minelab’s Newest Gold Machine the GPZ 7000 came out in 2015 for about $10,000. Currently, this gold detector selling new for about $7,999.

This detector is the next flagship gold detector based on new ZVT technology that developed by Minelab that will dramatically improve detector performance beyond all other gold detectors. (more…)

Monster Gold Nugget

Monster Gold Nugget Found Metal Detecting

Victorian golden triangle dream gold nugget find. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:.

The first gold rush in Australia began in May 1851 after prospector Edward Hargraves claimed to have discovered payable gold near Orange, at a site he called Ophir. Hargraves had been to the Californian goldfields and had learned new gold prospecting techniques such as panning and cradling. Hargraves was offered rewards by the Colony of New South Wales and the Colony of Victoria. Before the end of the year, the gold rush had spread to many other parts of the state where gold had been found, not just to the west, but also to the south and north of Sydney. (more…)