Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona Gold Prospectors Thanksgiving

In the heart of the Arizona Territory, where the sun beat down mercilessly and the saguaros stood like silent sentinels, a motley crew of gold prospectors found themselves stranded on Thanksgiving Day. Their trusty wagon had succumbed to the treacherous terrain, leaving them stranded in a desolate canyon, far from any semblance of civilization.

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

As the day dawned, casting long shadows across the parched landscape, the prospectors gathered around a meager campfire, their faces etched with worry. Their supplies were dwindling, and the harsh desert offered little sustenance. But amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. (more…)

Arizona Gold Ore

Arizona Gold Ore With a gold ore that we’re talking about here it’s usually super fine gold and well dispersed throughout the quarts.   Therefore, even is super powerful metal detector design for gold we usually not signal from normal gold ore. But, there are many exceptions when the fine gold Read more…

Yuma Arizona Gold Prospecting

Yuma Arizona Gold Prospecting

In this video, we are on a private gold claim just north of the city of Yuma Arizona. Besides using some of the world’s best gold detectors, the gold prospectors are also using drywashers, gold trommels and recirculating sluices. 

Gold nuggets were found with the detectors, a good-sized picker was found sluicing and lots of fine gold was found drywashing. (more…)

Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

AZ Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

Weekend Arizona gold prospecting in the Wickenburg AZ area.

Weekend gold prospecting is a great Hobby if you like the outdoors. There are many ways to prospect for gold from metal detecting and dry washing as shown in the video here, to  sluicing, high-banking,  crevicing,  panning  and dredging.

So, depending on your preferences and where you live,  there are a number of ways to prospect for gold. But, keep in mind, the number one rules for finding gold, is to go where it was found before.


Arizona Gold Metal Detecting

Arizona Gold Metal Detecting

Bumble Bee/Cleator Arizona area with Gold Monster and finding small Gold Nuggets!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Established in 1863, Bumble Bee served as a stagecoach stop and an outpost for the U.S. Cavalry, with a post office established in 1879. The creek, and by extension the town, were so named because early travelers in the area claimed that the indigenous people there were as “thick as bumblebees”. (more…)

Arizona Gold

Arizona gold weekend Gold prospecting

Looking for Arizona gold near the Little San Domingo Wash near Morristown, AZ., approximately 50 miles northwest of Phoenix, at the junction of State Route 74 and U.S. Route 60.

We did this outing in early July, when the forecast was for 112° in Phoenix! So, what we did is we met up real early, and got out to the claim somewhere around 6:45 AM. We plan to stay, only until about 9:30 AM before the heat got too intense. (more…)

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Discovered

*Actually they seem to have “Discovered” the legend, but not the mine.

The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is the most famous lost mine in American history. It was supposedly discovered and kept secret by a German immigrant named Jacob Waltz in the 19th century.

There is very documented evidence the Dutchman existed, was a hired miner and had a large amount of gold in the mountains but the real question is was it a mine he located or had he been stealing the gold from the mines he was hired to work. Either way there still appears to be a large amount of gold in the mountains that he was bringing down but is it just what’s left of his stolen stash or a very rich mine. Finding the ore location is the key as it can be compared to known samples and confirmed to be similar. (more…)

Arizona Gold Mine

Arizona Gold Mine

This old abandoned gold mine was just outside of Yuma Arizona not far from the Colorado River. 

It’s obvious that the old-timers were following a quartz vein that was carrying the gold. Dry washing the mine tailings show that this was a very rich mine. Even dry washing in the general area produced some very fine gold dust. From poison gas, unseen drop offs, wild animals and rattlesnakes, I would never advise anyone to go into one of these old abandoned gold mines (more…)