Australian Gold Nugget Detecting

Australian Gold Nugget Detecting

Awesome and inspirational Australian Gold Nugget prospecting video.

This has to be one of the best gold prospecting videos that I’ve seen. Not only is it well put together but it’s also instructional and informative for anyone considering hunting for gold nuggets with a metal detector. (more…)

Australian Gold Nugget patch

Australian Gold Nugget patch

Yes, there’s still plenty of gold left in Australia.

The Australian Outback has the very harsh climate,  lots of bugs,  and the worlds most deadly snakes.  But, even with these challenges,  gold prospectors with  high-tech gold detectors,  are finding lots of gold nuggets. (more…)

Gold Nugget Patch

Gold Nugget Patch Australia

Nugget patches like the one found in this video, are exciting to find: almost every target under her metal detector is gold.! There are even two nuggets in the same hole, twice!

For your average weekend prospector in the United State, when out gold metal detecting, finding even one nugget during the day is cause for celebration! But, on those very, very rare occasions, sometimes the gold prospector is extremely lucky and fines a number of nuggets in a relatively small area. This is called finding a patch! (more…)

Minelab Gold

Minelab Gold Nuggets

In the video’s its just about capturing the events that unfold on our journey through our gold detecting, and the best part about that is we just never know what the day will bring.

Certainly we get excitement just from being out there. But the joys of finding gold no matter what the size is something we just never get back and need to share these moment. (more…)

Australian Gold Nuggets

Australian Gold Nuggets – Gold Nugget Detecting

We found an area in the Pilbara that has never seen a metal detector before! We just arrived in a new spot and expected having to prospect for several days before getting to a good spot but we found it after only two kilometers of walking on the first day. Screaming targets in a remote gully revealed plenty of chunky gold nuggets (and also a few bullet casings). (more…)