Gold Price Forecast 2024

Gold Price Forecast 2024

The outlook for the price of gold in 2024 is generally positive, with many analysts predicting an increase.

Gold Price Forecast 2024 - Uganda gold

 Here’s a breakdown of some predictions:

  • Increase: Most experts expect gold prices to rise in 2024, potentially exceeding the historical high of $2,073 set in May 2024. Some even predict it could reach $2,300 or higher.
  • Factors influencing the rise: Lower interest rates, a weaker US dollar, and central banks buying gold are seen as factors that could contribute to the increase.
  • Uncertainty: It’s important to remember that gold prices can fluctuate significantly, and these are just predictions. Economic factors and global events can cause unexpected changes.
  • Today: As I write this, the AM spot gold price is: $2,165.10, a new HIGH!