Gold Price Forecast 2024

The outlook for the price of gold in 2024 is generally positive, with many analysts predicting an increase.

Gold Price Forecast 2024 - Uganda gold

 Here’s a breakdown of some predictions:

  • Increase: Most experts expect gold prices to rise in 2024, potentially exceeding the historical high of $2,073 set in May 2024. Some even predict it could reach $2,300 or higher.
  • Factors influencing the rise: Lower interest rates, a weaker US dollar, and central banks buying gold are seen as factors that could contribute to the increase.
  • Uncertainty: It’s important to remember that gold prices can fluctuate significantly, and these are just predictions. Economic factors and global events can cause unexpected changes.
  • Today: As I write this, the AM spot gold price is: $2,165.10, a new HIGH!

Gold Price Forecast 2024

Gold Price Forecast 2024

real gold nuggets

  • Examples of recent events contributing to uncertainty:
    • The ongoing war in Ukraine has caused significant economic and geopolitical instability.
    • Rising inflation in many countries is causing investor concern.

Interest rates: Generally, there is an inverse relationship between gold prices and interest rates. When interest rates are low, the opportunity cost of holding gold (which does not generate any income) is lower, making it more attractive to investors. This can lead to higher gold prices. However, the recent period has shown a more complex relationship as gold prices have risen despite rising interest rates.

The US dollar: Gold is often seen as a hedge against a weakening US dollar. This means that if the dollar weakens, the price of gold can go up, as it becomes more affordable to buy for investors holding other currencies.

Central bank activity: Central banks around the world are major buyers of gold, and their buying activity can also influence the price. In recent years, central banks have been increasing their gold reserves, which could put upward pressure on prices.

It’s important to note that the global situation is complex and constantly evolving, and the impact on the price of gold can be multifaceted and difficult to predict. While these factors can contribute to a rise in gold prices, it’s crucial to remember that the market is dynamic and subject to various influences.

Gold Price Forecast 2024


High Grade Silver Ore Slab

silver slab - Gold Prospector Holiday Unique Gifts

silver slab – example only

Nice sawn vein specimen of fresh, unaltered high grade silver ore from the world-class Cobalt Ontario deposits. Sawn on one side only.  The deposit was described in Mineralogical Record, Volume 43, Number 6.  In general, veins are predominantly composed of carbonates (calcite and/or dolomite) with arsenides and sulpharsenides of Co, Ni and Fe with native Ag and Bismuth.  Most of this material has been squirreled away in collections by now, although specimens do occasionally come to market.

silver slab

There are a few of these silver slabs available. The very bright silver really makes this piece stand out, but, unfortunately makes it all so hard to photograph. As an example the one pictured above is 66 grams for $45.

Silver, Bornite

Silver, Bornite

There are a few of these beautiful native silver w bornite specimens available. Here is a 2 inch x 1 inch, Apx. 17.5 grams – Native Silver on Bornite thumbnail specimen from San Martin, Mexico. As an example the one pictured above is 17.5 grams for $60. 

Avon Gold Rush Collectible stein

Avon Gold Rush Collectible steinGold Rush Avon brown ceramic beer stein with lid 1987 Brazil - Picture 6 of 10

1987 8 1/2” tall  San Francisco Gold Rush Handcrafted in Brazil for Avon. Each one of is individually numbered (#32017) this is the last one. $35.

For further information on these:

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Crystalline gold

Crystalline gold

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