Minelab Gold Detector Comparison

Minelab Gold Detector Comparison – GPX 6000 – GPZ 7000 – SDC 2300

GPX 6000 vs GPZ 7000 vs SDC 2300 Review and Comparison. After finding over 20 nuggets in 2 days which is best! 

Discover the pros and cons of each Minelab gold detector and see which comes out on top and why. 


GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detecting

GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detecting

A good morning out in the Victorian goldfields. The 12″ Evolution Nugget Finder coil on the mighty Minelab GPX 5000 was producing the gold.

Sure this is an older video, back when the 5000 was the flagship of the Minelab line.  Now, as technology has improved, the new flagship seems to be the Minelab 6000, or depending on your opinion the Minelab 7000. (more…)