Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

We all have our favorite pastimes and hobbies and if you’re really into some of these, I’m sure you’ve had an occasional dream about it. 

Well, I’m into gold prospecting, and I’ve certainly had a dream or two about finding that huge gold nugget or vein of gold. Many years ago, I can recall one dream where I was detecting for gold and I found one nugget after another. (more…)

Price of Gold

Price of Gold

Bloomberg recently published a piece called, ‘The Gold Market’s Great Migration Sends Bullion Rushing East.’ 

The article notes that China has imported 160 TONS of gold since April, India has added 80 tons, Turkey 62, and the list goes on. Is the U.S. — or other Western nations — selling gold to China? And if so, why wouldn’t we be buying it, instead?  (more…)

How to find Arizona GOLD

How to find Arizona GOLD – More Productive GOLD Prospecting

Video is really for the new prospector or those thinking of getting into gold prospecting.

I haven’t been drywashing for gold in 6 or 7 years, just been doing gold detecting.

Prospector Mike and I had found some nuggets in two different washes in the Santa Domingo wash area. Mike actually found five good-sized nuggets the largest of which was about 3/4 of an ounce in a wash area of just about 150 feet long.