Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

We all have our favorite pastimes and hobbies and if you’re really into some of these, I’m sure you’ve had an occasional dream about it. 

Well, I’m into gold prospecting, and I’ve certainly had a dream or two about finding that huge gold nugget or vein of gold. Many years ago, I can recall one dream where I was detecting for gold and I found one nugget after another.

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

Arizona Gold Prospector's Dream - Phoenix gold nuggets

Well, just this last weekend I had that dream fulfilled. Yes, for the first time ever, as soon as I turned on my gold detector and just took two or three steps, the first target signals that I got turned out to be a little Arizona gold nugget! Plus, the second target signal around the same boulder that I got the first gold nugget, also turned out to be another little Arizona gold nugget! Wow, after many years of gold detecting I never found a nugget as the first target. Plus, I never found two gold nuggets in a row!

Arizona gold nugget - Arizona Gold Prospector's Dream

There are many many times that I’ve gone out gold detecting, and all I found was trash. Sure, when I’ve not been gold metal detecting, but using other methods to find fine gold, doing the proper research, pretty much can ensure that you find a little color on almost every outing. But, gold metal detecting is a lot different, and although your success rate per outing is certainly diminished, but, when you do have success, at least as it pertains to the weight of gold that you find, it’s usually much more productive then many of the other (hobby prospecting) methods.

Arizona gold nugget

The area around the San Domingo wash in Maricopa County Arizona has been prospected since the late 1800s. Personally, I don’t think the old-timers missed very much. But, way back then, there were no gold detectors. Unfortunately, I believe that fact is offset that the amount of modern-day gold medal detectorists has increased dramatically, and it’s hard to find any public lands that are open to prospecting that have not been gone over many times in recent years by gold medal detectorists. Here in Arizona with our heavy Monsoon rains, that move lots of material in the dry washes, and thereby always creates new opportunities for finding gold nuggets that have been way too deep for even the most modern detectors to pick up.

Arizona gold nugget

So, if you have the determination, and do the necessary research, you can still find gold nuggets here in Arizona! When you’re prospecting for gold weather here in Arizona or actually any place, if you want to be more productive, you really have to test a number of areas before you get into using major equipment and putting in long hours.

Arizona Gold Prospector's Dream - finding AZ gold nuggets

The best thing a new gold prospector can do, is research and join a local gold prospecting club. When you join a gold prospecting club, not only do you have access to their claims, but more importantly, you learn a wealth of information and save yourself a lot of time, by learning from the other club longtime members.

AZ gold nugget detecting - Arizona Gold Prospector's Dream

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting


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Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector for sale

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Minelab GPX 5000 Metal Detector for sale

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