Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

AZ Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

Weekend Arizona gold prospecting in the Wickenburg AZ area.

Weekend gold prospecting is a great Hobby if you like the outdoors. There are many ways to prospect for gold from metal detecting and dry washing as shown in the video here, to  sluicing, high-banking,  crevicing,  panning  and dredging.

So, depending on your preferences and where you live,  there are a number of ways to prospect for gold. But, keep in mind, the number one rules for finding gold, is to go where it was found before.


Gold Metal Detecting

Gold Metal Detecting

This is one of my archived videos about gold metal detecting. But, although the video is a number of years old oh, the basic concepts that I talked about are still very relevant today.

I’ve been into gold detecting for many years. On many detecting trips that’s all I find is what’s pictured here in this video and that’s trash. But, when you do find that little gold nugget, it kind of makes up for all the times you just find trash. (more…)