Illegal Gold Mines – The Dark Side of Gold Mining

Local government unit of the area failed tremendously since time immemorial due to bribes at the expense of poor miners who risks their lives everyday. Thank you DW documentary for exposing this illegal activity to a greater level. In the Philippines it is ignored all these years.

In the mines of Paracale, workers search for gold using the world’s most dangerous methods. Diving into flooded underground caves, they constantly risk their lives. 

The business is illegal. But for many, it is the only way they can earn money. In the past, the mineral trade flourished in the small Philippine coastal town of Paracale.

Illegal Gold Mines – The Dark Side of Gold Mining

Illegal Gold Mines - The Dark Side of Gold Mining

Today, it is riddled with gold prospectors. The illegal gold business brings in an estimated $700 million a year. A dirty industry, it has shaped the town and the lives of residents for decades. Now, there are hardly any other ways to earn a living there. The dangerous search for gold in flooded caves destroys both the environment and many lives. So why does it continue unabated? Looking for answers, this documentary follows the gold trade’s trail, from divers to traders, investors and the black market.

Another option about this sad and tragic situation . . . is to just dredge the plain showed in the video. They used dredges in Colorado, California, Alaska, the Amazon, etc. Once you go through the material you could scatter the soil and ground back and reclaim it. The real question is would they allow a legal mining operation or not. Cause if it’s politically frowned upon maybe that’s why they turned a blind eye to it happening illegally.

So sad too see so many lives taken away in that illegal gold mining, no money can ever replace the lives of those lost!

Illegal Gold Mines – The Dark Side of Gold Mining

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