Australian Gold Nugget Detecting

Australian Gold Nugget Detecting

Awesome and inspirational Australian Gold Nugget prospecting video.

This has to be one of the best gold prospecting videos that I’ve seen. Not only is it well put together but it’s also instructional and informative for anyone considering hunting for gold nuggets with a metal detector. (more…)

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

We all have our favorite pastimes and hobbies and if you’re really into some of these, I’m sure you’ve had an occasional dream about it. 

Well, I’m into gold prospecting, and I’ve certainly had a dream or two about finding that huge gold nugget or vein of gold. Many years ago, I can recall one dream where I was detecting for gold and I found one nugget after another. (more…)

Recirculating gold sluice system

New Recirculating gold sluice system

Alan Guthmiller has developed an amazing water conserving recirculating gold sluice system. 

About a yard of gravel can be processes on only 40 gallons. I caught up with Alan at the GPAA gold show in Pomona back in July and got some video talking with Alan about his new desert gold sluice system. (more…)

Faking Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

So sick of these fake gold prospecting shows.

This guy did a great job of pointing out why the gold had to be  set up there to create an interesting segment and hold the attention of the audience.  There are quite a few other gold prospecting TV shows that I just know are heavily edited to make the viewer think but they are always finding lots of gold in every segment. (more…)

Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

This huge Nevada Gold Nugget was found metal detecting with a Minelab 5000.  The Sawtooth mountain range in Nevada was where this was found.  As is often the case before the large nugget finds like this, even after diligently searching the area where it was found, no other nuggets turn up.

Although no other nuggets were found near this unbelievably large gold nugget, just the fact that an individual with a metal detector was able to find what I’m sure is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery! (more…)

Mountain of Gold!

Mountain of Gold! Congolese Villagers get the biggest surprise of their lives, after discovering a whole mountain of Gold! This video from the Republic of the Congo documents the biggest surprise for some villagers in this country, as an entire mountain filled with gold was discovered! Mountain of Gold! They Read more…

New gold rush

Victoria’s new gold rush

The gold rushes helped define Australia and built the prosperity of Victoria. 

Now there’s a ‘new gold rush’, with a surge in mining activity on old reefs bringing new life to the state’s historic gold towns. (more…)

The California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush

The True Story of California’s Gold Rush 1848 to 1855

This original documentary showcases the historical significance California’s Gold Rush played in launching the largest mass migration in U.S. history and establishing California as the 31st state.


Huge Gold Nugget

Huge Gold Nugget

Found a 3.9oz gold nugget  Gold Prospecting NZ


NZ gold prospectors have their best day ever!  They made a little mistake on the video in their excitement of weighing the nugget when we went from grams to oz and forgot to put it into troy oz , so the nugget was 3.98oz not 4 2oz. (more…)