Gold Nugget Hunting Tools

When gold prospecting, you need good equipment to save time & help in finding gold nuggets by removing trash.

Many of the areas that we go to to prospect for gold are very remote. Actually, once we leave a paved road it could take some time before we reach our intended campsite. Most of the time, we are out of reach of cellular service.

Gold Nugget Hunting Tools

Gold Nugget Hunting Tools

Minelab metal detector

So, what this all means is that you should pack and/or bring along obvious necessary camping supplies as well as the necessary equipment you’re going to need for the type of gold prospecting you intend to do.

Obviously, your main prospecting tool if you intend to metal detect, is your detector. But, what some forget is that you should always bring additional backup batteries and/or a power source to recharge your batteries.

For those of you who are new to this weekend prospecting hobby, I would suggest that you make a list of all the supplies and equipment you’re bringing along well ahead of time. This way you can review the list and make changes to it that are necessary before the actual trip.

Sometimes on these trips you realize that there was something that you could’ve used but did not bring it along. What I do when this happens, is when I get home I add that to my camping pack immediately. I hear him talking about something like a little magnifying loop so you could take a quick look at specimens and verify if there is any visible gold. You could probably get along without this, but I find it’s good to have.

Now, I’m just going to touch on a few other things to bring along that you might not be a thinking of. A good set of heavy-duty gloves, gold prospecting pick that has powerful rare earth magnets on the blade, a camelback or similar backpack water device, sunscreen, a prospecting hat that has a back flap to protect your neck from the sun and always bring a first aid kit.

I don’t want to bore everybody to death so these are only a few of the essentials that you should take. But I will say, what I consider one of the most important things to have with you. That is a prospecting buddy. I would never go to these remote areas on my own. There are just too many dangers and or situations that can prove hazardous if you’re on your own.



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Alice Carroll · April 16, 2020 at 5:07 am

Thanks for the tip about bringing along a metal detector if I’m planning on gold prospecting. Later this year, I will be hosting a camping trip with my friend so of course one of the destination is a river. This will be the perfect opportunity for me to try out gold panning so I will definitely try to bring all the equipment that can help me.

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