Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona Gold Prospectors Thanksgiving

In the heart of the Arizona Territory, where the sun beat down mercilessly and the saguaros stood like silent sentinels, a motley crew of gold prospectors found themselves stranded on Thanksgiving Day. Their trusty wagon had succumbed to the treacherous terrain, leaving them stranded in a desolate canyon, far from any semblance of civilization.

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

As the day dawned, casting long shadows across the parched landscape, the prospectors gathered around a meager campfire, their faces etched with worry. Their supplies were dwindling, and the harsh desert offered little sustenance. But amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. (more…)

Recirculating gold sluice system

New Recirculating gold sluice system

Alan Guthmiller has developed an amazing water conserving recirculating gold sluice system. 

About a yard of gravel can be processes on only 40 gallons. I caught up with Alan at the GPAA gold show in Pomona back in July and got some video talking with Alan about his new desert gold sluice system. (more…)

Faking Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

So sick of these fake gold prospecting shows.

This guy did a great job of pointing out why the gold had to be  set up there to create an interesting segment and hold the attention of the audience.  There are quite a few other gold prospecting TV shows that I just know are heavily edited to make the viewer think but they are always finding lots of gold in every segment. (more…)

Beach Gold Prospecting

Beach Gold Prospecting Washington State

Five hours work running 15 buckets to recover fine beach gold.

No one ever said gold mining was easy, actually quite the contrary it’s very hard work. But, with that said keep in mind that the majority of gold prospectors do it as a hobby, actually a hobby that can pay you! (more…)

Large Gold Nugget Found

Large Gold Nugget Found – 3.9oz Gold Nugget

Finding a large gold nugget like this is every Prospectors dream! 

What are the chances of finding a huge gold nugget?  Personally, the chances are probably similar to going to Vegas and hitting the jackpot on one of those dollar slot machines!  With that said, those jackpots are hit occasionally,  and if you want to hit the jackpot  by finding a large  gold nugget,  you have to get out there in the field and invest the time and energy that’s necessary. (more…)

Arizona Gold Drywashing

Arizona Gold Prospecting – Arizona Gold Drywashing

I think this is a good honest gold prospecting video. This goes to show, number one that there’s still gold to be found in the Arizona desert, and number two, it’s a lot of hard work to find that gold.

I’ve said this many times before and some of my videos, and that is if you’re in this for the money, I think you’d be  off working at a fast-food place then prospecting for Arizona gold. (more…)

Gold in Quartz

Gold in Quartz

This is a December gold prospecting trip around Yuma Arizona.

We were searching through some tailing piles from an old mine where the miners were following gold in a quartz vein.. We were doing dry washing and some metal detecting and met up with Daniel who is looking for iron stained courts in the tailing piles to crush and hopefully extract gold from the quartz rocks. (more…)

Australian Gold Nuggets

Australian Gold Nuggets – Gold Nugget Detecting

We found an area in the Pilbara that has never seen a metal detector before! We just arrived in a new spot and expected having to prospect for several days before getting to a good spot but we found it after only two kilometers of walking on the first day. Screaming targets in a remote gully revealed plenty of chunky gold nuggets (and also a few bullet casings). (more…)

California Gold Prospecting Show

California Gold Prospecting Show

A look back before the Covid-1

– Gold nugget prospecting equipment – prospecting equipment demos, gold mining hand tools, floating dredges, fine gold recovery, gold nuggets, gold nugget detectors, prospecting maps, metal detectors, California gold nuggets & Arizona gold nuggets. (more…)

Gold Prospecting Drone

Gold Prospecting Drone

Whether you call it a drone or a UAV really doesn’t matter they are becoming increasingly popular for getting great aerial videos as well as still photos.

Today, major gold mining corporations all around the world are using drones to map out and survey their current claims as well as possible future areas that may be worthy of future close inspection.


Monster Gold Nugget

Monster Gold Nugget Found Metal Detecting

Victorian golden triangle dream gold nugget find. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:.

The first gold rush in Australia began in May 1851 after prospector Edward Hargraves claimed to have discovered payable gold near Orange, at a site he called Ophir. Hargraves had been to the Californian goldfields and had learned new gold prospecting techniques such as panning and cradling. Hargraves was offered rewards by the Colony of New South Wales and the Colony of Victoria. Before the end of the year, the gold rush had spread to many other parts of the state where gold had been found, not just to the west, but also to the south and north of Sydney. (more…)