Wickenburg Arizona is a town settled by Prospectors and we’re one gold mine has produced over 30 million dollars!

The Wickenburg Arizona Gold Rush days is an annual celebration commemorating the town’s history.

Gold Rush Days Wickenburg, Arizona

Arizona gold prospecting

The Vulture Mine, just outside of the city although not currently operating it has been converted into a tourist attraction where one can see what a real old west mining operation in town was like. It is said that during it’s productive days the Vulture Mine produced over 340,000 oz of gold and 260000 oz of silver!
Wickenburg AZGold Rush Days Arizona
Wickenburg AZ
Today Wickenburg is known as the Team Roping capital of the world. Being only about sixty miles west Hub downtown Phoenix, it’s a convenient way, and short ride, to step back in real Wild West history!
Gold Rush Days WickenburgGold Rush Days Wickenburg AZOld Town Wickenburg AZ

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Vulture mine began when a prospector from California’s gold rush, Henry Wickenburg, discovered a quartz deposit containing gold and began mining the outcrop himself. In 1863, after Henry Wickenburg discovered the Vulture mine, Vulture City, a small mining town, was established in the area. The town once had a population of 5,000 citizens. After the mine closed, the city was abandoned and became a “ghost town”. The deposit was later sold to Benjamin Phelps, who represented a group of investors that eventually organized under the name of Vulture Mining Company.

The desert surrounding the Vulture Mine did not give much in the way of produce, so an enterprising individual by the name of Jack Swilling went into the Phoenix Valley and reopened the irrigation canals left by the native peoples. Agriculture was brought back to the valley, and a grain route was established. This grain route still exists today under the name of Grand Avenue. Phoenix, Arizona, grew up around the agricultural center spawned by the needs of the Vulture Mine.

In 1942, the Vulture Mine was shut down by a regulatory agency for processing gold. This was a violation at the time because all resources were to be focused on the war effort. The mine appealed the shut-down order and reopened, but with less vigor. A few years later, the mine closed permanently.

Today the mine and ghost town are privately owned, but tours are offered. Two-hour, dirt path guided walking tours at the historic Vulture mine offers a glimpse of the olden days through a tour of some of the remaining buildings of Vulture City, a booming mining town.


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