Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

This huge Nevada Gold Nugget was found metal detecting with a Minelab 5000.  The Sawtooth mountain range in Nevada was where this was found.  As is often the case before the large nugget finds like this, even after diligently searching the area where it was found, no other nuggets turn up.

Although no other nuggets were found near this unbelievably large gold nugget, just the fact that an individual with a metal detector was able to find what I’m sure is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery! (more…)

Western Australia Gold Metal Detecting

Western Australia Gold Metal Detecting

We’re running a small gold mining operation for a little while. This is a trial to see if the ground is productive enough to keep digging it. 

The ground type is cap rock, hard like cement and not easy on the machine and its operator Adrian. This is day 1 of our attempt to mine big gold (a 50 ouncer was found in this exact spot). I’m looking forward to be working at this gold mine for a bit.


Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Working in the Monsoon Summer season in a dry wash bottom. 

We are hand placering the wash using digging tools, rakes and metal detectors/pinpointers to recover the gold. Here in this video we recovered two massive gold nuggets, one was 2.2 ounces and the other was right at 1 ounce. (more…)

Keene 140s Drywasher Review

Keene 140s Drywasher – Finding Gold Nuggets

Finding gold prospecting tool. This Keene 140s is a medium sized drywasher that can easily keep two gold prospectors busy and recover the smallest gold.

The Keene 140s drywasher is one of the most popular gold drywashers! It’s not a new machine, it’s actually been out a number of years, and during that time has developed a large loyal following from gold prospectors in the Southwest. Yes, water gold recovery methods are much more effective, but when you have no water available, like in the deserts of Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico, the gold drywasher is the number one gold classification/recovery method. (more…)

Large Gold Nugget Found

Large Gold Nugget Found – 3.9oz Gold Nugget

Finding a large gold nugget like this is every Prospectors dream! 

What are the chances of finding a huge gold nugget?  Personally, the chances are probably similar to going to Vegas and hitting the jackpot on one of those dollar slot machines!  With that said, those jackpots are hit occasionally,  and if you want to hit the jackpot  by finding a large  gold nugget,  you have to get out there in the field and invest the time and energy that’s necessary. (more…)

Monster Gold Nugget

Monster Gold Nugget Found Metal Detecting

Victorian golden triangle dream gold nugget find. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:.

The first gold rush in Australia began in May 1851 after prospector Edward Hargraves claimed to have discovered payable gold near Orange, at a site he called Ophir. Hargraves had been to the Californian goldfields and had learned new gold prospecting techniques such as panning and cradling. Hargraves was offered rewards by the Colony of New South Wales and the Colony of Victoria. Before the end of the year, the gold rush had spread to many other parts of the state where gold had been found, not just to the west, but also to the south and north of Sydney. (more…)