Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

This huge Nevada Gold Nugget was found metal detecting with a Minelab 5000.  The Sawtooth mountain range in Nevada was where this was found.  As is often the case before the large nugget finds like this, even after diligently searching the area where it was found, no other nuggets turn up.

Although no other nuggets were found near this unbelievably large gold nugget, just the fact that an individual with a metal detector was able to find what I’m sure is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery!

Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting

The finding of a gold nugget this size, just goes to show that there is still big gold out there to be found, and more importantly, if you have the right equipment, the stamina, fortitude and commitment, gold metal detecting can really pay off big-time!

huge gold nugget - large gold nugget

Nevada is the leading gold-producing state in the nation, in 2018 producing 5,581,160 troy ounces (173.6 tons), representing 78% of US gold and 5.0% of the world’s production. Much of the gold in Nevada comes from large open pit mining and with heap leaching recovery. Some of the world’s major mining companies, including Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold and Kinross Gold, operate gold mines in the state. Active major mines include Cortez, Twin Creeks, Betz-Post, Meikle, Marigold, Round Mountain, Jerritt Canyon and Getchell.

When you’re prospecting for gold weather here in Arizona or actually any place, if you want to be more productive, you really have to test a number of areas before you get into using major equipment and putting in long hours.

Plus, the best thing a new gold prospector can do is research and join a local gold prospecting club. When you join a gold prospecting Club not only do you have access to their claims, but more importantly, you learn a wealth of information and save yourself a lot of time, by learning from the other club longtime members. When gold prospecting, you need good equipment to save time & help in finding gold nuggets.

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Giant Gold Nugget Prospecting


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