BRICS Currency Announced!

Is it Gold Backed?

There has been speculation and rumors of this currency for some time, and one major theory is that it would be backed by a basket of commodities including gold. 

However, the Kremlin recently announced they have almost completed a digital currency based on blockchain technology.  (more…)

Gold Price at another NEW HIGH

Gold Price at another NEW HIGH

Yes, if you’ve been reading my past post you know that it was just a few days ago, in my prior post I said that gold had said a new record high price, that was at that time $2,349.10.

Gold Price at another NEW HIGH - Uganda gold

gold bar

Well today, gold said another new high price, and is now at $2,367.20 it was up $16.20 on today’s session.

Many people have been wondering why gold is all of a sudden on a major move up. Well, for anybody keeping up with the latest news, the reason should be quite clear. It seems gold always moves up in times of crisis, economic instability and naturally a falling dollar. Today, unfortunately we’re seeing all of these occur, and these are the reasons that gold is gone to new highs. (more…)

Is Precious Metals Investing Dead?

Is Precious Metals Investing Dead?

With the Biden Administration pushing for digital currency, there’s been lots of ads to protect your money by buying gold.  Even though I’m into gold detecting and gold investing, I think one must have to be a little skeptical of these ads to buy gold to preserve your  wealth.

Now, I’m certainly not for digital currency because there will be absolutely no privacy, and the government will know everything that you’re doing, and probably more importantly, would be able to restrict you, or limit you in what you can buy at any particular time.


Central Banks and GOLD

Central Banks and GOLD

Many central banks all around the world own gold. In fact, since the late 90s, central banks around the world have been net buyers of gold. 

That wasn’t true before that. Coincidentally, that is also when the gold price bottomed ended that long bear market and began a massive, epic bull-market leading into a bubble in the late 2000s.  (more…)

Gold or Bitcoin?

Gold or Bitcoin

Just a few days ago I published a post and a chart showing that this week the spot gold price hit its lowest level in the last 2 years.

Gold or Bitcoin - gold bars

gold bars

I found this amazing when one considers all the turmoil in the world especially in Ukraine and Taiwan.  If you’d like to see that post here’s the link: (more…)

Spot Gold Price 2022

Spot Gold Price 2022

So, how will the spot price of gold do next year? Gold price in 2022? Will gold’s price go up? Will spot gold go down? Let’s see one gold investors educated guesses.

The creator of this video buys gold and other assets on a dollar cost average schedule and then buys more as price and interest allow. His primary focus is about buying gold coins. He does talk a little about cryptocurrency, mining stocks and other equities as well. (more…)

Jim Rogers | Scary Prediction!!

Jim Rogers | Scary Prediction!!

In our videos, we talk about the economic collapse and the market crash that has taken over the world. We point out the situation on the real estate and stock market and the value of the US dollar. On the Life Success Story channel, you will learn about the work of Central Banks, the US Federal Reserve, and measures taken by the Government.

Speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Dalio, Jim Rogers, and Peter Schiff teach you about the billionaire mindset and point out the importance of financial education. (more…)