Jim Rogers | Scary Prediction!!

In our videos, we talk about the economic collapse and the market crash that has taken over the world. We point out the situation on the real estate and stock market and the value of the US dollar. On the Life Success Story channel, you will learn about the work of Central Banks, the US Federal Reserve, and measures taken by the Government.

Speakers such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ray Dalio, Jim Rogers, and Peter Schiff teach you about the billionaire mindset and point out the importance of financial education.

Jim Rogers | Scary Prediction!!

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Its all part of the great reset. Every time you want to change an economic system you have to collapse the old system or no one will accept the new one because who cares to change what works so well? Its a classic process. Inflate the economy into a bubble, maximize debt, then pop it, and in the chaotic aftermath the people will ask for the new system and accept it with ease. Its a testament to how strong the US economy and systems already in place are that they had to inflate the bubble to such staggering degrees. This is why Biden seems to make every wrong decision you possibly can in a recovering economy.

Did you check the increasing prices of oil, rent, food, vegetables and the whole set of hard and soft commodities. The latest PPM for April 2021 was a 6.2% increase !!The total debt to GDP is now 142% (All levels of government). Money supply growth in absence to a corresponding increase in goods and services leads to the inflation the American people are experiencing!!

China has been for years, and is still buying gold, and so is Russia. Even though they are two of the world’s largest producers of gold. Eventually, sooner than later, they will back their currencies with gold.

Supply chains and store inventories are already drying up because even with money velocity this low, prices still haven’t risen enough to meet the sheer size of liquidity that entered the market. Inflation is already exploding, and it’s only going to get worse. Additionally, personal savings rate is extremely high, and stock allocation to income ratio for households is at dotCom-bubble levels. A stock market crash is highly likely, and when that happens, the inflationary pressure on stocks will be transferred into other asset classes and consumables (which means CPI growth).
USA is paying the potential workers to stay at home with liberal dole outs in the name of unemployment benefits. We are printing unlimited fiat with less and less of productivity. This may go on until companies shrink due to lack of product or services to sell and/or until the fed is exhausted with its printing machine. A perfect storm!


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