Beach Gold Prospecting

Beach Gold Prospecting Washington State

Five hours work running 15 buckets to recover fine beach gold.

No one ever said gold mining was easy, actually quite the contrary it’s very hard work. But, with that said keep in mind that the majority of gold prospectors do it as a hobby, actually a hobby that can pay you! (more…)

Crystalline Gold – Liberty gold mine

Crystalline Gold

A rare form of crystallized gold that the Liberty area is known for. Crystalline gold is the rarest and most beautiful form of gold and Crystalline gold is especially valued by collectors because of its bright color and unique shapes.

Crystalline gold can form cubes, dendrite or dendritic patterns, octahedrons, thin leaf and sheet forms and many other surprising designs. The prices for different crystalline gold specimens can vary greatly. The major determinant of its value is its appearance, not the amount of actual gold in the piece. (more…)