Beach Gold Prospecting Washington State

Five hours work running 15 buckets to recover fine beach gold.

No one ever said gold mining was easy, actually quite the contrary it’s very hard work. But, with that said keep in mind that the majority of gold prospectors do it as a hobby, actually a hobby that can pay you!

Beach Gold Prospecting

gold in the pan

gold in the pan

So, sure for that type of hard work, the actual amount of money that could be derived, is really not worth it, well at least as far as a money-making proposition. Also, what’s not said here is that super fine gold like this, is very hard to sell.

Plus, there is no gold that’s found as 24 karat gold, so, this gold, like almost all other gold will have to be refined to get the impurities of iron and silver and other minerals out of it.

I would venture to say, that without refining this gold this prospector would be lucky to get 80% of the spot price of gold (which is 24-karat refined gold) should he decide to sell.

At today’s spot price for gold, this gold prospector’s 4.8 grams of fine gold, if he were to sell it at 80% of spot, would yield $229!

Most of the gold recovered in the world is very fine gold just that I like this.

Also, this prospector says that he recovered this in 5 hours, but I believe the five hours was the time it took to get the concentrates.  So, I think he’s excluding the time it took to extract the gold from the original concentrates. If I am correct, this could add about another two hours.


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Cory Greenfield · June 1, 2022 at 4:08 pm

When did you shoot this video? I thought using a motorized system was now illegal in Washington State. Thank you for the video.

    Bob711 · June 4, 2022 at 11:32 pm

    It is a repost from Youtube that was uploaded in June 2018.

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