Arizona Drone Prospecting

March 2020 Yuma Arizona gold prospecting trip.

Using a high tech GPS drone to save time on gold prospecting trips.

This video was made in early March around Yuma Arizona. This weekend the daytime temperatures were in the upper 70s and dropping down to about 50° in the evening. It’s really a great time to get out to the desert and prospect for gold.

Arizona Drone Prospecting

Arizona Drone Prospecting gold prospecting drone

gold prospecting drone

*My first drone gold prospecting video:

Being from San Diego, we usually head across the Colorado River into the Yuma area or just north of their around Quartzsite Arizona. There are many old gold prospecting fields in these areas. I feel the weekend prospector has a much better chance of finding gold nuggets when compared to Southwest California.

Gold nuggets

Always be sure to check BLM claim information first to be sure the areas you are going to are not an active mining claim or restricted State lands.

Arizona gold claim

Arizona gold claim

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

When the first Americans reached the Castle Dome Mountains in the early 1860s, there were already signs of previous mining activity. It was generally held that Native Americans had engaged in mining in the Castle Dome Mountains some years before and backpacked the ore 18 miles (29 km) south to a processing site on the banks of the Gila River, where remnants of adobe furnaces were found.

As mineral deposits began to be discovered up and down the Colorado River in the early 1860s, numerous mining camps and steamboat ports grew into towns along the river. Heading north from Yuma, prospectors staked gold and silver claims along the river and in the surrounding mountains. The Castle Dome Mining Company, established in 1863 and owned by Conner and Jacob Snively, purchased many of these claims and planned out the site of Castle Dome Landing on the banks of the Colorado River to act as a shipping point for ore on its way to California for smelting. The Snivelys planned only to mine silver in the area, but in that same year, well-known geologist and mining engineer William P. Blake realized that the region’s copper-lead ores held extensive value, and lined up investors to develop mining operations in the area.


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Arizona Drone Prospecting


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