Arizona Gold Prospecting – is there still gold in Arizona to be found?

Yes, for centuries people have been searching for gold in Arizona.

The simple answer to the question, is there still gold in Arizona to be found?, is a resounding YES!

Arizona Gold Prospecting –

Is there still gold in Arizona to be found?
nugget patch gold nuggets

nugget patch gold nuggets

With gold currently selling at about $1,800 an ounce, there are a lot of people who go out to the old gold areas looking for what was missed by the old timers. So, before you think about striking it rich, or quitting your day job, if you want to take up this Hobby, you should realize that it’s more about getting out in the open country and enjoying nature then it is about making more money than you just paid in gas to go back and forth to the old gold prospecting areas!

Don’t get me wrong, the thrill of finding gold is still there. But, the simple truth is when you consider the amount of time that you have to invest and the various cost involved, if you really want to succeed you have to look at it as a hobby, or you will be terribly disappointed.

TDI Gold Detector

Like any other Hobby in order to excel, it takes a commitment and investment in both time and money to gain the knowledge necessary and the tools and equipment needed to enhance your success.

A friend, that I go prospecting with found five gold nuggets in a little area in a wash in the Morristown Arizona area.  With the largest of the five nuggets being about an ounce, this was really an incredible find. Considering the rarity of large gold nuggets, they sell for a  premium over the spot price of gold. So, just the  ounce nugget that he found could easily bring over $2,000!  Plus, he  still would have the four other good-sized nuggets!

huge gold nugget

huge gold nugget

But, now a little background. This gentleman, has many many years a gold metal detecting experience and has found gold nuggets in many States including Alaska,  so, all that experience and knowledge when into the finding this gold nugget patch. Naturally, there was also quite a bit of good luck involved!

Normally gold around the Moorestown area are little pickers, a fraction of a gram to a few grams. Needless to say, finding a single nugget almost an ounce is quite a feat!  I should also add, that he uses one of the best metal detectors available and this detector cost over $6,000!

Arizona gold

Arizona gold

If you’re interested in getting into this fine Hobby, I would suggest researching you’re local gold prospecting clubs. Usually joining one of these clubs is relatively inexpensive and gives the member access to all the club claims and anything they find, they keep.  Personally, I see the local gold clubs more importantly as one of the best ways to gain knowledge from the other experienced members, not only where to go, but what geological features to look for and how to prospect for gold in various areas.

Metal detecting for gold is just one of many ways to prospect for gold here in Arizona.  Some of the other ways to recover gold our basic panning,  sluicing, highbanking,  dredging and crevicing.

Arizona gold sluicing

recirculating high banker

Today, the vast majority of gold is found as very fine gold dust which is then refined to remove the impurities and to produce gold that reaches 99.9 per cent purity.

If you’re just looking for gold as an inflation or investment hedge,  your best bet might be investing in gold coins (through a reputable dealer)  investing in large gold mining operations that are listed on the major stock market exchanges.


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