Arizona Gold Prospecting – Vulture Mine Road area near Wickenburg, AZ today.

Arizona gold prospecting

Beautiful day, temperatures in the low 80s.  A couple of hours of detecting with the GPS 5000 just turned up all sorts of trash.

Arizona Gold Prospecting

AZ gold prospecting

Next time back, I think I’ll go farther into the area, closer to the foothills,  where I’m hoping they’ll be much less trash.

Arizona metal detecting

I also took out my Gold Exorcist (it’s a small sampling type hybrid drywasher)  this little machine is nice and lightweight and designed specifically for sampling. Well, that’s exactly what I did later in the day, when I came across how large tailings pile next to a wash. I’ll be running the concentrates tomorrow and post how it turns out.

Arizona drywashing for gold

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some color in the concentrates because it was a pretty good-sized tailings pile and the adjacent wash  had signs of rock stacking.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A German named Henry Wickenburg was one of the first prospectors. His efforts were rewarded with the discovery of the Vulture Mine, from which more than $30 million worth of gold has been dug.

Ranchers and farmers soon built homes along the fertile plain of the Hassayampa River. Together with the miners, they founded the town of Wickenburg in 1863. Wickenburg was also the home of Jack Swilling, who prospected in the Salt River Valley in 1867. Swilling conducted irrigation efforts in that area and helped ground the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Wickenburg was supplied from the Colorado River, by steamboat, then over the La Paz–Wikenburg Road by wagons and pack mules. Wickenburg in turn became a supply point for the mines and army posts in the interior of Arizona Territory. In those years, the rapidly growing town had even once been viewed as a possible candidate for territorial capital and lost the opportunity in 1866 by just two votes in the newly-established legislature.


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San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyers · April 5, 2022 at 7:28 pm

Arizona still has lots of gold yet to be found!

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