Fake Gold Detecting

Have you ever seen a phony gold detecting video?  Personally, I believe this video is a prime example how such phony gold detecting  videos on YouTube.

  Naturally, that’s just my personal opinion, and I’m sure there’s probably going to be some viewers here who disagree with me.

Fake Gold Detecting

fake gold nugget

fake gold nugget

Obviously if we were there for the actual gold detecting, there would be no question  whether this video was real or not.

So, let me give you my reasons why I think this is a hundred percent fake.

My number one reason, is the gold nuggets that he supposedly finds,  do not really look like gold nuggets!  As a matter of fact, to me they look like somebody got some gold paint and painted some rocks!

My number two reason why I believe this video is phony, is the fact that when the prospector is handling that large gold painted rock,  it seems like  it is far lighter than what a real gold nugget that size would be!

My number three reason why I believe this  gold prospecting video phony,  is that  you never see the prospectors face!

My last reason for believing that this gold prospecting video is phony, is that if it was true I think the prospector would want to boast with showing what these nuggets individually and together actually wait on a gram scale.  But, obviously if you’re just painted gold rocks one would be able to tell by the weight and the apparent size that it sure wasn’t gold!

Okay, there you have my main reasons, do you have any others?  Also, for those of you reading this and believe that this is a real gold prospecting video,  I would sure like to read your comments on why you believe it’s real.

Fake Gold Detecting


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