Arizona Metal Detecting – Gold Bug 2

Metal detecting gold nuggets with the gold bug 2 metal detector is no easy task but we endure and dig up our first Arizona Gold! Great start to our 7 nugget goal.

Persistence pays off when detecting. This video really shows that you just don’t go out with a gold detector and work for 5 minutes and get a gold nugget. Thanks for showing what a true prospector does to find an Arizona gold nugget.

Arizona Metal Detecting

Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher Gold Bug-2

The Fisher Gold Bug is one of the most sensitive metal detectors on the market and has been the gold nugget detector of choice for many. Fisher has now updated the user interface. The guts of the detector remain the same but the user will now have an easier time of operating the machine.

Here are some facts on the Fisher Gold Bug 2:

Take gold detecting to a new level with the ultra high frequency Gold Bug 2

•Powerful 71 kHz operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets

•Advanced ground rejection circuitry for increased depth on large, deep nuggets in highly mineralized soil •”Iron Disc” mode for hot rocks and iron identification

•Three auto-tune modes with two re-tune speeds for nugget hunting in almost any ground condition •Sealed panel and speaker design for dust and moisture resistance

•Faint-target audio-boost mode •Choose between Iron Disc, Normal and Audio Boost modes with 3-position toggle switch

•Choose between High, Normal, and Low mineralization settings with 3-position toggle switch

•Adjust target volume and turn power on and off with dual-function potentiometer •Adjust threshold level with small shaft on rear of housing

•5 Year Limited Warranty •Converts to hip mount •Only 2.9 pounds light with foam grip and cushioned arm rest

•Quartz-crystal locked electronics •Only two drop-in batteries (2-9V batteries)

•Standard, 10-inch, shielded, waterproof elliptical search coil •Optional 6.5 and 14-inch elliptical search coils

•Dual-knob, coarse/fine manual ground adjust control •Built to take a beating with metal loop connectors and double-locking, fiberglass-reinforced lower stem

•Built-in Detector stand •Adjust the sensitivity and test the battery with dual-purpose potentiometer

•Precisely ground balance with 2-tier knob, a coarse-tune knob stacked on top of a 16-turn, fine-tune knob

•Resist dust and moisture with sealed control housing

Gold nuggets - Fisher Gold Bug 2 - Arizona Metal Detecting


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