Russian Gold Standard

Did Russia just roll out a Gold Standard heralding a changing world order and shake up for reserve currencies?

Yes, I believe this is another catastrophic blunder by the Biden Administration that is now causing the US dollar to lose it’s status as the world’s currency!

Russian Gold Standard

gold bars- Russian Gold Standard

gold bars

By freezing Russian assets , and locking Russia out of the global Monetary Exchange system, it’s undeniable that Biden Administration has started the ball rolling for the demise of the Brenton Woods system.

If the dollar loses its status as the world’s currency, United States will become one of the largest debtor nations in history and our standard of living will take catastrophic downturn!

I’m sure there are some of you who don’t realize that the dollar was not always the world currency.  Prior to 1944, the world currency was the English pound.

In 1944, in the mountains of Bretton Woods, N.H. a new financial system for the global economy with the U.S. Dollar was agreed upon. This was called the the so-called “Bretton Woods” system.

We have to realize, gold’s value is more important in how it relates to our own currency and buying power. This helps Russians, but I never expected it to do much for Americans. That said, it does show the power of gold, and why we should have at least some in our portfolios. Another thing I thing I think this exposes is that Russia is smarter and stronger than we think, and in the end I feel they’re going to be laughing off these sanctions, and sitting back and enjoying the dollar’s continued demise.

Really, all the economic measures put in place by puppets like Biden and Trudeau are, in point of fact, ineffective.

The only thing they achieved is proving that if they can freeze and seize assets of Putin and the Oligarch’s, with complete disregard of the law, well, they can bloody do that to you and me also!


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