Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona Gold Prospectors Thanksgiving

In the heart of the Arizona Territory, where the sun beat down mercilessly and the saguaros stood like silent sentinels, a motley crew of gold prospectors found themselves stranded on Thanksgiving Day. Their trusty wagon had succumbed to the treacherous terrain, leaving them stranded in a desolate canyon, far from any semblance of civilization.

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

Arizona gold prospectors Thanksgiving

As the day dawned, casting long shadows across the parched landscape, the prospectors gathered around a meager campfire, their faces etched with worry. Their supplies were dwindling, and the harsh desert offered little sustenance. But amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. (more…)

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

Arizona Gold Prospector’s Dream Metal Detecting

We all have our favorite pastimes and hobbies and if you’re really into some of these, I’m sure you’ve had an occasional dream about it. 

Well, I’m into gold prospecting, and I’ve certainly had a dream or two about finding that huge gold nugget or vein of gold. Many years ago, I can recall one dream where I was detecting for gold and I found one nugget after another. (more…)

How to find Arizona GOLD

How to find Arizona GOLD – More Productive GOLD Prospecting

Video is really for the new prospector or those thinking of getting into gold prospecting.

I haven’t been drywashing for gold in 6 or 7 years, just been doing gold detecting.

Prospector Mike and I had found some nuggets in two different washes in the Santa Domingo wash area. Mike actually found five good-sized nuggets the largest of which was about 3/4 of an ounce in a wash area of just about 150 feet long.


Arizona Gold Ore

Arizona Gold Ore With a gold ore that we’re talking about here it’s usually super fine gold and well dispersed throughout the quarts.   Therefore, even is super powerful metal detector design for gold we usually not signal from normal gold ore. But, there are many exceptions when the fine gold Read more…

Yuma Arizona Gold Prospecting

Yuma Arizona Gold Prospecting

In this video, we are on a private gold claim just north of the city of Yuma Arizona. Besides using some of the world’s best gold detectors, the gold prospectors are also using drywashers, gold trommels and recirculating sluices. 

Gold nuggets were found with the detectors, a good-sized picker was found sluicing and lots of fine gold was found drywashing. (more…)

Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Large Arizona Gold Nuggets

Working in the Monsoon Summer season in a dry wash bottom. 

We are hand placering the wash using digging tools, rakes and metal detectors/pinpointers to recover the gold. Here in this video we recovered two massive gold nuggets, one was 2.2 ounces and the other was right at 1 ounce. (more…)

Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

AZ Gold Prospecting Wickenburg Arizona

Weekend Arizona gold prospecting in the Wickenburg AZ area.

Weekend gold prospecting is a great Hobby if you like the outdoors. There are many ways to prospect for gold from metal detecting and dry washing as shown in the video here, to  sluicing, high-banking,  crevicing,  panning  and dredging.

So, depending on your preferences and where you live,  there are a number of ways to prospect for gold. But, keep in mind, the number one rules for finding gold, is to go where it was found before.


Gold Metal Detecting

Gold Metal Detecting

This is one of my archived videos about gold metal detecting. But, although the video is a number of years old oh, the basic concepts that I talked about are still very relevant today.

I’ve been into gold detecting for many years. On many detecting trips that’s all I find is what’s pictured here in this video and that’s trash. But, when you do find that little gold nugget, it kind of makes up for all the times you just find trash. (more…)

Arizona Gold Drywashing

Arizona Gold Prospecting – Arizona Gold Drywashing

I think this is a good honest gold prospecting video. This goes to show, number one that there’s still gold to be found in the Arizona desert, and number two, it’s a lot of hard work to find that gold.

I’ve said this many times before and some of my videos, and that is if you’re in this for the money, I think you’d be  off working at a fast-food place then prospecting for Arizona gold. (more…)

Gold in Quartz

Gold in Quartz

This is a December gold prospecting trip around Yuma Arizona.

We were searching through some tailing piles from an old mine where the miners were following gold in a quartz vein.. We were doing dry washing and some metal detecting and met up with Daniel who is looking for iron stained courts in the tailing piles to crush and hopefully extract gold from the quartz rocks. (more…)

Yuma Gold Mine

Yuma Gold Mine This old abandoned gold mine was just outside of Yuma Arizona not far from the Colorado River.  It’s obvious that the old-timers were following a quartz vein that was carrying the gold. Dry washing the mine tailings show that this was a very rich mine. Even dry Read more…

Large Arizona Gold Nugget

Large Arizona Gold Nugget –

2nd Largest Nugget Ever Found in AZ

This impressive gold nugget that was discovered in a placer mine in the Huachuca mountains of Arizona.  The nugget appears in its original form, just as it did when it was pulled out of the ground.


The Huachuca Mountains are part of the Sierra Vista Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest in Cochise County in southeastern Arizona, approximately 70 miles south-southeast of Tucson and southwest of the city of Sierra Vista. Wikipedia. (more…)