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Huge gold nuggets found metal detecting. A deadly snake falls into the hole where the Victoria Diggers are prospecting for gold, setting off a panicked attempt of relocating the snake whilst trying not to get bitten.


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On 1 July 1851 Victoria became a separate colony and, on the same day, James Esmond in company with Pugh, Burns and Kelly, found alluvial gold in payable quantities near Donald Cameron’s station on Creswick’s Creek, a tributary of the Loddon, at Clunes, 34 km (22m) north of Ballarat. Esmond and his party found the gold after Esmond had been told by George Hermann Bruhn of the gold that had been found in March 1850 on Cameron’s property at Clunes and that in the vicinity were quartz reefs which were likely to bear gold.[60] Esmond rode into Geelong with a sample of their discovery on 5 July. News of the discovery was published first in the Geelong Advertiser on 7 July and then in Melbourne on 8 July.

Gold in the Pyrenees. The long sought treasure is at length found! Victoria is a gold country, and from Geelong goes forth the first glad tidings of the discovery. Esmonds arrived in Geelong on Saturday with some beautiful specimens of gold, in quartz, and gold-dust in a “debris” of the same species of rock. The specimens have been subjected to the most rigid test by Mr Patterson, in the presence of other competent parties, and he pronounced them to be beyond any possibility of doubt pure gold…

The particulars of the precise location, with Esmond’s consent, was published in the Geelong Advertiser on 22 July 1851. Publication of Esmond’s find started the first official gold rush in Victoria in that same month. By 1 August between 300 and 400 diggers were encamped on the Clunes Goldfield, but soon moved to other fields as news of other gold discoveries spread. Esmond was in 1854 to receive a £1,000 reward as “the first actual producer of alluvial gold for the market”.


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