Metal Detecting Huge Gold Nugget

Imagine finding a huge gold nugget like this?

If you’re into gold medal detecting, you certainly know what it feels like to get a good signal and then dig up a nice good or gold nugget. 

Metal Detecting Huge Gold Nugget

Metal Detecting Huge Gold Nugget - gold nugget specimen

gold nugget specimen

Personally, I’ve been gold metal detecting for quite a few years, but so far, all the gold nuggets that I found,  the largest was a actual gold specimen in Quartzsite Arizona. That one came in at about a quarter of an ounce.

Now, keep in mind I said specimen, because it was gold in quartz, and so, even though it looked great, a good part of the weight was actually the weight of the quartz.  Sure, gold specimens are not as valuable as a solid gold nugget in most cases, but they still sell for a huge premium over the basic spot  price of gold because of their rarity and beauty.

Metal Detecting Huge Gold Nugget

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Crystalline gold

Crystalline gold

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