New Recirculating gold sluice system

Alan Guthmiller has developed an amazing water conserving recirculating gold sluice system. 

About a yard of gravel can be processes on only 40 gallons. I caught up with Alan at the GPAA gold show in Pomona back in July and got some video talking with Alan about his new desert gold sluice system.

New Recirculating gold sluice system

Recirculating gold sluice system

Introducing the “Gold Rattler Desert Wash Plant ! Are you tired of losing gold with a dry washer, or water turning gooey in your sluice re-circ system after a few buckets ? If so, this machine is for you !! This light weight trailer mounted machine can process up to 2 yards/hour. Its unique water filteration system enables the user to wash all rocks and continue processing with minimal water consumption.

The clay is broken up as it comes into the sluice system. Its fully washed and turned into a slurry so the gold can be extracted. The clay you saw in the discharge is the clay AFTER the gold and water are removed. In the final process, the gravel slurry is de-hydrated and the clay is re-formed into balls and removed from the water so the water can be reused.

The efficiency of dry washing depends on many factors. How coarse the gold is, how much clay is in the gravels, how dry the material is, etc. I did some tests years ago on sandy drainage gravels in the Sierra Nevada. Lots less clay and some coarse detectable gold. The overall percentage of the total gold in the gravels was more in the coarse stuff, though there was some fine gold too. I sluiced the tailings and ended up with only a small amount additional recovery by weight. I calculated about 96-97 percent efficiency for dry washing at that particular spot. On the other hand , 60 to 70 percent recovery is not unusual for dry washing, especially at a spot like yours. My point is just that it varies all over the map depending on conditions.


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