Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

So sick of these fake gold prospecting shows.

This guy did a great job of pointing out why the gold had to be  set up there to create an interesting segment and hold the attention of the audience.  There are quite a few other gold prospecting TV shows that I just know are heavily edited to make the viewer think but they are always finding lots of gold in every segment.

Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows

Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows - gold in the pan

Personally, another thing I’ve noticed about these gold prospecting TV shows, is many of them at the end of the segment show how much gold was found by weight and what the value of that gold is at that time. 

Now, a few of the shows say what the spot price of gold is at the time they’re calculating out the amount of the gold found,  and this is great, but what I take exception to is when they’re calculating out the value, at least on the shows that I saw, they’re using the spot price of gold.  So, one should keep in mind that the vast amount of gold is found is very fine gold, as shown in a lot of the shows.  Now, the spot price of gold is based on 24 Karat refined gold!  None of the gold in nature is 24-karat. 

Actually I understand that the gold in Australia is probably the purest gold, and the gold in Alaska has a much lower carrot content.  Buy, for gold dug out of the ground, none of it is 24 Karat!  It all has to be refined! 

During the refining process all the impurities such as the iron, copper silver and other impurities are removed to achieve the 24 Karat rating.  Yet, as I said the show seem to always calculate the amount of gold found based on 24 Karat spot price of gold!  I’m sure the majority of the viewers are not realizing that this is a big error.  Plus, any seasoned prospector when thinking about selling their fine gold knows that they’re not going to get the spot price.

Gold Prospecting T.V. Shows


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